Gifting options this Valentine for HER

It’s Valentines Day today, and for all you folks who haven’t yet zeroed in on a gift for your loved one. We have some interesting gifting options for you:

1. Jewellery



Woo your Valentine with you love and affection this Valentine’s and add an everlasting sparkle in their life  by showering her with some everlasting jewellery. Classic pendants , solitaire rings and bracelets always make a  choice. For all those who on a budget you can pick some from toniQ’s ‘Valentines Collection’. From quirky pendants to a set of four rings which spells “LOVE”, their collection covers it all with a  price range from Rs 199 onwards to 1999.

1. Bluestone Mirella ring available at

2. Heart Rings available at

3. ToniQ set of heart rings available at

4.Heart Pendants available at

5. ToniQ silver toned Forever necklace available at

6. Bluestone Fall in love openable bracelet available at

7. Tara Jewellers diamond ring available at

8. ToniQ gold toned & red heart pendant with chain available at

9. ToniQ ring love knuckle duste available at

10. Bluestone Blissfull love earrings available at

2. Chocolates



What could be sweeter than gifting your valentine a box of chocolates! It may be done to death but this is one gift that always works. Patchi one of the world’s leading premium chocolate brand assures an ultimate expression of love through their Valentine’s Day Special Chocolates which is bound to make your lover feel very special and cherished.  The chocolates are wrapped in bright colors decorated with Valentine wrapping of hearts and are beautifully arranged in cradles and cane baskets to complete the festive look. Moreover the chocolates are handcrafted and trimmed and can be molded with the finest of ingredients and personalized messages.

Patchi range of chocolates also includes Classic; Deluxe; Patchi Specials; Patchi Patchino and a special range of sugar free & diet chocolates. These are available in wide variety of milk, dark or white chocolates with flavors like hazelnut, almonds, pistachios and rice crispy amongst several others.

The Valentine collection starts at Rs 3500/- onwards and are available at Patchi’s boutiques at located at Patchi Palladium Store and Phoenix Market City Kurla, Mumbai.

3. Perfume 



Waiting till the last minute to pick up that perfect gift for your Valentine? Visit the L’Occitane stores and curate a fragrant La Collection De Grasse gift set for your loved one directly from the Perfume Capital of the World… Or chose a sophisticated gift set connoting the rawness of the lands of Provence from our curated Men’s Gift Set. With its wide range of fragrances, L’Occitane en Provence establishes its position as a perfumer that calls for the purest, most precious ingredients gathered from close and distant lands of Provence.

The Magnolia & Mûre gift set will delight women who long for mystery, for an elegant and refined eau de toilette that reveals itself over time.

The L’Occitan range celebrates classic Provence and its men. The very rawness of the scents of Provence are reflected in this fragrance and is an ideal gift set for your man this Valentine’s Day.

4. Apparel

Anamika Khanna and Gauri Nainika at ENSEMBLE

Anamika Khanna and Gauri Nainika at ENSEMBLE

Every girl loves clothes and what better than some designer wear from ENSEMBLE!

5. Champagne



Making a moment special is easy when you have Chandon – it is all about celebrating life’s spontaneous moments. A bottle of Chandon in the fridge, a couple of tall flutes and voila, you are ready for a party for two! This Valentine’s Day, jumpstart the mundane to the fabulous with a bottle of Chandon Brut Rosé and add a sparkling ingredient to your celebration. Move over romance, it’s all about spontaneous expressions! A vibrant rose gold with hints of pink peach skin and a fine persistent effervescence, the Chandon Brut Rosé is created with Shiraz and Pinot Noir grapes. On the palate, the wine holds a rich, creamy texture with a crisp ‘Brut’ finish. The flavour evolves gently with mouth-filling small red fruits, making this the perfect accompaniment for the season.

Priced at Rs. 1,400, it is available at select wine retailers, hotels, restaurants and bars in Mumbai and New Delhi.

The ultimate way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, or any day that recognizes the ties that link us to those we love! The Moët & Chandon black tie, which has elegantly dressed the House’s legendary champagne bottles since 1886, is a stylish accent that is steeped in history. For more than 125 years, the Moët & Chandon black tie has acted as a mark of the House’s exceptional quality and savoir-faire, and an indicator of the heritage of the champagne held within the bottle.

6. Lingerie



For those who are “BOLD”  Rosie for Autograph Collection by Marks & Spencer is a perfect gift.

Created using the finest silk and intricate lace, the luxurious collection is perfect for declarations of amour.  Sensous, soft oyster nudes and rose pinks with highlights of amethyst make for a truly feminine palette, with a delicate tea rose floral print adding distinctive charm to french knickers, beautiful camisoles and chiffon and silk teddys.